From SDL Tridion to Sitecore Content Hub DAM: Our Chef's Journey of Challenges and Rewards

Making a career transition is never easy, but sometimes it's the best thing you can do to advance your career and expand your skill set. This was the case for Our Chef, who spent 10 years working with SDL Tridion CMS before making the switch to Sitecore Content Hub DAM 1.5 years ago. In this blog post, we'll explore Our Chef's journey, the challenges he faced, and the rewards he's experienced as a Sitecore Content Hub DAM developer.

Our Chef was initially apprehensive about the move from SDL Tridion CMS to Sitecore Content Hub DAM. He was used to working with a content management system that had a narrow focus, while Sitecore Content Hub DAM required him to develop a more holistic understanding of how digital asset management fits into the broader context of content strategy and marketing.

At first, it was a bit overwhelming for Our Chef to have to learn new technology and processes, but with time and effort, he quickly adapted to the new environment. He discovered that Sitecore Content Hub DAM offered him a more comprehensive set of tools to work with, which allowed him to be more creative and efficient in his work. He found that Sitecore Content Hub DAM made it easier to collaborate with other teams, as the platform provided a centralized location for all digital assets and a streamlined process for asset review and approval.

One of the biggest challenges of the transition was adjusting to the level of automation that Sitecore Content Hub DAM provides. Compared to SDL Tridion CMS, Sitecore Content Hub DAM is more automated, which meant that Our Chef had to learn how to write automated tests and work with APIs. He also had to learn new programming languages and how to use the latest web development tools.

Despite the challenges, the transition to Sitecore Content Hub DAM has been a rewarding one for Our Chef. He's been able to work on more complex projects that require a higher level of technical expertise, which has helped him grow professionally. He's also been able to collaborate with other teams and departments, which has given him a broader perspective on how digital assets fit into the larger picture of content strategy and marketing.


Making the transition from SDL Tridion CMS to Sitecore Content Hub DAM requires hard work and dedication, but it's a journey that can lead to great rewards. For Our Chef, the switch has provided new challenges and opportunities to grow and develop professionally.

If you're considering a similar transition, don't be afraid to take the leap and explore the exciting possibilities that Sitecore Content Hub DAM can offer.